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We offer trustable services to those companies that need to know its value or the value of a particular asset. We produce our reports with an independent criterion support on controllable procedures, with real closeness to the national and international assessment regulations.

Tangible Asset Valuation

Our assessment team has a wide experience on measuring the assets included in a property, plant and equipment, through the most common applicable methods.

We normally measure the following tangible assets:

Commercial Properties
Industrial plants
Rural properties
Equipment and machinery
Transportation and load vehicles
Office, communication and computing equipment
Medical and lab equipment
Work of art

Valuation, what we assess?

Intangible Asset Valuation

We apply the most modern assessment methods attending the applicable accounting and tax rules.

We often measure the following intangible assets:

Non competition covenants
Contractual rights
Work force
Client's lists
Brand or trade name
Relations with clients
Relations with suppliers
Concession titles


Business or companies valuation

Business valuation Companies valuationThe companies valuation needs appraisers for the identification of the valuation mechanism for the best adjustment to those problematic. We have this experience.

The valuation of a business can be a complex and controversial issue. A deep understanding of the market, the company and the regulations and legal environment is needed.

Any transaction, implying the buying and selling of participation or combination of companies or assets, requires a detailed analysis of the variables that determine the price.


Exchange assets assessments

We can help you know the updated value of your stock, to determine the assets recoverable value, measure the capital assets and obtain correct information for the insurance.

We often make assessments of the following exchange assets:


Raw materials
Finished products

Spare parts


Insurance value

We offer exact information about the insurance assets, avoiding the assets sub or over assessment that could be a risk for the insurance company.

Our experience allows us to recommend the assets to be inspected and the proper assessment. This is perfect for the cases where properties and assets are distributed in different geographies.

Appraisal Reviews

We offer examinations of the third party valuations

Our examinations can speak of:

Suitability and relevance of the examined data and information sources.
Accuracy of the applied methods and techniques
If the theory, analysis, opinions and conclusions are suitable and reasonable.   |



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