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Fairness Opinion


Consultancy Fairness OpinionFairness opinion is an opinion about the fairness of the possible financial conditions of a corporative transaction, as an acquisition, fusion or sale of a part or the total of a business for the shareholders of the accordingly entity.

These reports are often requested by the managers or other entity fiduciary, with the aim of showing that they are acting according the interests of all the shareholders.


In some countries, it is required by law or regulation for certain type of transaction.

To provide a reasonableness report of a transaction, from a financial perspective an assessment analysis or appraisal is generally needed.


These assessments are developed according to the International valuation standards (IVS) and other statements of the IVSC, for example, the Code of ethics for professional appraisers or the orientation on valuation methods foreseen in the technical information documents.

Purchase accounting - Purchase Price Allocation

The term "Purchase Price Allocation" (PPA) is a concept with an asset valuation component.
Any company acquiring the control of another company (through a purchase or generally in the context of a business combination) must assign the paid Price between the different assets and liabilities identified of the acquired company, in such a way that the difference between the paid Price and the reasonable value of these assets and liabilities will be the goodwill.

That is to say, a PPA consists of assigning the Price of a transaction between the reasonable value of the different groups of acquired assets, to reflect the financial statements of the purchaser company, distinguishing between tangible and intangible assets, liabilities and goodwill.

The PPA process often entails the valuation of tangible and intangible assets in the consolidated financial statements of the purchaser company.

Transfer pricing

The Transfer Pricing is part of the globalization and affects large corporations as well as small enterprises with international bounds.

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